Duluth Rose Garden in Leif Erikson Park

When I-35 was expanded through Duluth in the 1980s, Leif Erikson Park was changed dramatically. One of those changes resulted in the creation of another park: Duluth’s Rose Garden, a lovely spot featuring stone benches, a gazebo, and an incredible variety of roses and shrubs. It also includes the horse fountain that sat where London Road once split off from Superior Street. The Rose Garden actually sits on top of I-35; highway traffic passes through tunnels beneath it.

The Rose Garden is cared for by dedicated volunteers and city Parks staff and features over 40,000 roses and a diverse peony garden. The Rose Garden is the most popular locations for weddings and photos with an incredible view of Lake Superior.

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Latitude: 46.796901 Longitude: -92.082412 Elevation: 640 ft

Recreational Opportunities

The Rose Garden connects to the Lakewalk trail by pedestrian bridge.



Accessibility Notes

Accessible to everyone


Wow finally found out it is free. You make it hard to find out prices and when you're open. Through diligent searching on the Internet I'm slowly finding out what I need to know.

Lisa, 4/22/2017

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